When sitting on the sofa or you are relaxing, you would love to watch best TV shows Which are your favorite one on world best streaming devices such as Roku TV etc. Accordingly, there are multiple things that can go wrong with a Roku remote such as Roku Remote Not Working,

Do You Know Your Roku Remote Model?

When you begin troubleshooting to get solution for your Roku Remote Not Working, there are multiple sources on the web that give the best solution. Since we are one of the best breakdown of Roku models that typically ships with streaming devices or Roku player.

You can find below list of models listed under Roku Models:

  • Roku LT.
  • Roku HD, XD, XDS
  • Roku N2,N1,N4.
  • Roku 4.
  • Roku 2 HD, XD, XS.
  • Roku 3.
  • Roku Express.
  • Roku Express+


  • Roku Streaming Stick (Model 3600 and 3800)
  • Roku Streaming Stick+
  • Roku 4
  • Roku Premiere
  • Roku Premiere+
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku 2 (Model 4210)


  • In the starting just remove the batteries from remote.
  • Remove the power cable from the Roku player stick.
  • Wait for some time and reconnect power to the device.
  • If you find logo displayed on the home screen just re-install the batteries.

Re-Pair Roku Remote Not Working

In case you are not talking about Roku remote device just re-pair another means of remote to recognize:

  • Tap to open the batteries.
  • Remove the batteries from the remote.
  • Once the Roku Logo is open on the home screen just insert the batteries from the remote.
  • Pair and hold the button inside the batteries of remote.
  • One can also see pairing of light on the remote when begin with flash.

Perfect Ways to Stream Roku on TV with HDMI Port?

The Roku streaming sticks are already installed on TV from an HDMI Port. In case you device is unplugged directly into the HDMI port just get some interference and one need to activate HDMI extension. It is also available free from the Roku devices.

Just move from the streaming stick to the Diversified HDMI Port on Your TV

  1. Check the Internet Connection or Your Wireless Router: – When depending on the Roku player or streaming stick your device can have at least one network connections.
  2. You must have both options for this wired and wireless.
  3. The streaming sticks are only available for wireless devices.
  4. In case your remote is not working at this stage you only have to download the applications and check settings.
  5. On the Roku menu just scroll down to setting.
  6. Hold on Ok
  7. Tap to the network.
  8. On the Roku menu and scroll down to settings.
  9. Tap to ok on the applications.
  10. On the right-hand side of the screen one can also see status.
  11. Just see the status of the issues relevant to the network.

How to enhance Roku Replacement Remote?

In case you notice the remote just stop immediately and place the remote on surface to cool. If there is any leakage of batteries that might be because of overheating. In this case one just need to replace the remote and can directly go to somewhere else where you can find Roku remotes covering third-party compatible ones.


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